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Look who else advertises in N2 publications:

Advertising that hits your target where they live

How do you reach the best, most affluent prospects with your advertising message? How can you be assured that your ad will be seen, or even better, viewed over and over again?

By advertising in an N2 publication.

Our publications are customized for the finest residential communities in the country. The content is about the community, in most cases written by members of the community, and featuring pictures of the homeowners, their children and their pets. Because people are interested in the content, they typically hold onto them for a long time.

Very few publications, if any, can offer such a targeted audience and long shelf life. Far from junk mail, these publications often become keepsakes and are shared among family members and friends. Can your other media buys do that?

Advertisers FAQs

How can I get a press kit?

Every N2 publication is unique. Consequently, a standard “press kit” is not produced for distribution for potential advertisers. Advertising space is limited and may be sold out. Please contact your local Area Director for specific information about the available publications in your target market.

Where are N2 publications distributed?

Every N2 publication is delivered via USPS directly to each resident’s mailbox. Neighborhood publications are limited to residents’ homes only (not available in stores or via subscription). Each publication is created specifically for the neighborhood that receives the publication. This creates an intimate neighborhood feel allowing for specific targeting marketing that is delivered DIRECTLY to that community.

What is the primary demographic of N2 publications?

N2 publications are now delivered in almost every state. In addition, our communities are located in some of the largest metro areas in the country, as well as “small town America.” Therefore, the reader demographics from one publication to the next can vary. However, a vast majority of our publications are delivered to homeowners who represent the most sought-after real estate communities in that specific market. Please contact a local Area Director for more specific information.

Are there N2 publications available in my area?

Please see map below. Contact the Area Director nearest you in order to find out which publications are currently available in your area. Publications are added every month, so if the neighborhood(s) you are looking for aren’t available, check back soon!