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1unlimited earning potential

Mike Maletich, Area Director, Pittsburgh, PA speaks about the ability to have unlimited earning potential with N2 and what it means to him to live financially free. WATCH NOW

2flexible work hours and environment

Cathy Jackson, Area Director, Orlando, FL speaks about joining N2 for a flexible work schedule and to try something new. WATCH NOW


3training and support backing you all the way

Lisa Strickland, Area Director, New Bern, NC speaks about N2 and how she was able to work in her field after serving in the military. WATCH NOW

4creating meaningful connections in your community

“N2 provides the opportunity to transform our local neighborhood into closer communities in our area. I see such great potential for providing for my family through sharing the lives and activities of families and friends with each other.” Eddy Thomas, Area Director, Charleston North, SC

Brandon Powell, Area Director, Indianapolis, IN speaks about how he followed N2′s program and reached out to his community. WATCH NOW